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Letter to Prospective Students

Sharon handing a catalogue to a prospective student Dear Prospective Student,

Thank you for considering the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. as your school of choice to begin your massage career. At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy we feel very strongly that the quality of each of our graduates is the ultimate measure of our school's success. We believe our support of each student helps every one of our graduates reach their highest skill level possible and succeed in their massage careers.

We want the students in every class to feel comfortable with each other and to develop skills both as individuals and as a team, so each of our classes begins and graduates together. Our belief is that the heart and soul of any massage career is caring so we encourage our students not only to care for each other and their clients, but for themselves as well. The faculty spends time with each student to be sure he/she works efficiently and safely so he/she can enjoy a long, healthy massage career. We seek to instill in our students a love of the profession, a respect for other practitioners, and a sincere desire to provide helpful service to clients as they develop their massage careers.

The information on this web site reflects our commitment to providing top quality education and supporting our graduates in creating successful massage careers. We feel strongly that the only way we can meet this goal is by providing a healthy learning environment, a well-planned curriculum, an efficient professional staff, and a dedicated and experienced faculty.

The massage therapy profession is now receiving long overdue recognition through State licensure, National Certification, scientific research and public education. As the benefits of massage therapy become better understood, the demand for well-educated and highly qualified practitioners continues to grow each year, and there are more opportunities for therapists to have massage careers that last a lifetime.

Choosing the best school for your professional training as a massage therapist is the most important step you'll take toward achieving your life goals in the healing arts. Your skills as a therapist will always reflect the institution where you first studied. The time and energy you devote to your massage education now will produce rewarding results throughout the lifespan of your massage career.

If you are drawn to the profession of massage therapy, we believe you will find that our Massage Therapy Program offers the unique balance of art and science you are seeking. We will support you in gaining the knowledge, skill, understanding, and confidence that are necessary for you to have a successful and rewarding massage career.

We experience our greatest sense of accomplishment when we hear from our graduates, their employers, or their clients that our alumni are achieving what they set out to do when they first joined us.

We look forward to working with you soon.


The Staff and Faculty of CFSMT

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