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A therapist works on a client's shoulder with the client's face to one side

Courses in the Curriculum at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy

Here is a detailed breakdown of the massage courses and instruction provided in the massage therapy school program at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy.

Therapeutic Massage and Palpation Skills TM100 225 hours

This part of the massage course curriculum provides comprehensive academic instruction in the history and theory of massage therapy as well as practical skills training. In this massage course you will:

learn proper body mechanics to support you in maintaining a long, healthy career;
study indications and contraindications for massage;
focus on Swedish massage techniques;
receive an introduction to deep-tissue and integrated massage techniques;
gain an understanding of how massage affects the 11 systems of the body you'll study in Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology, and Musculoskeletal Anatomy;
practice and refine the palpation skills you learn in palpation class;
demonstrate your skills on instructors and fellow students and receive constructive feedback;

This massage course will also teach you to document your treatments in a professional manner. Each student is required to maintain a practicum notebook documenting the results of 10 massage sessions that are completed outside of scheduled class hours. These notebooks will be reviewed weekly and provide a forum for discussing your experiences with clients prior to completion of the program. They will supplement the documentation training you'll receive in class and in the clinic.

As well, students in this massage course will learn and practice appropriate professional draping skills to ensure that each student and client's comfort and privacy is maintained. In massage courses and in general at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy there is no classroom nudity or behavior that could cause fellow students or clients embarrassment. Universal precaution measures taught in massage courses are implemented at all times.

Anatomy and Physiology AP 100-150 hours

In this massage course you will learn the structures and functions of each body system and the mechanisms that control these functions. This information is an essential part of your massage therapy training because it will greatly enhance your ability to use appropriate precaution when giving massages and will reinforce your understanding of the physiological effects of massage therapy.

This massage course will also teach you anatomical terminology and the names and locations of major bones and muscles. You will gradually assimilate this new knowledge with hands-on work in the classroom, practicing palpatory anatomy skills, and locating bones and muscles on yourself and other students.

Hydrotherapy HY 100 – 16 hours

HY 100 discusses the theory and practice of Hydrotherapy, the scientific application of water in all three of its physical forms for the purposes of therapy and rehabilitation. In this massage course you will learn and practice the correct application of hot, cold and contrast techniques using ice packs, hot packs and paraffin.

Florida Law and Rules FL 100 – 10 hours

This massage course helps you become familiar with Florida Statute Chapter 480 which defines and regulates the practice of massage in Florida, as well as local ordinances of interest.

Professional Ethics PE 100 – 6 hours

In the PE 100 massage course you will explore the ethical codes of massage practice as outlined by major professional associations and Florida Law, and will compare these codes to your personal and moral beliefs.

Business Practices BP 100 – 14 hours

This massage course focuses on the principles of organizing a business. You'll discuss guidelines for building a successful massage therapy practice as well as some of the skills a massage therapist needs to run his/her own business. During this massage course you'll also learn how to write a resume, design a business plan, create a business card and brochure, and develop an introduction for yourself so you are comfortable interviewing for a job.

Allied Modalities AM 100 – 99 hours

The classes in this massage course include an experiential introduction to the following modalities: Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pathology, Reflexology, Shiatsu, and Tai Chi. The specific classes offered may vary according to faculty availability but the overall allocation of 99 hours for this massage course will remain.

The pathology segment of this massage course will introduce you to selected human diseases and disorders found in the 11 systems of the body. You'll learn the signs, symptoms, causative agents, and patho-physiology of common ailments you may see in your massage practice and will become familiar with contraindications for massage therapy in each of these situations.

During the Tai Chi segment of this massage course you will be introduced to Kinesiology and you'll also explore this topic in your massage courses on Anatomy and Physiology and Musculoskeletal Anatomy. As time allows during the program you may also pursue the study of Kinesiology further through experience with Sports Massage, Therapeutic Stretching and Shiatsu.

AIDS/HIV Education HA 100 – 3 hours

This massage course will discuss the Epidemiology of HIV infection, introducing you to how the immune system works and how it is impacted by HIV. You will also discuss "opportunistic infections" and how these infections are spread, identified and controlled. Finally, you'll learn universal precautions and personal hygiene techniques that will keep you safe from infection at all times as a massage therapist.

Medical Errors and Omissions ME 100 – 2 hours

In this massage course you will identify and discuss medical errors and omissions that can lead to potential problems for you as a massage therapist or for your clients, as well as how to prevent these occurrences. Areas to consider will include: practice details, workplace safety, and communications with your clients/patients or colleagues.

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