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Massage Therapy Education

You Will Receive Excellent Value During Your Massage Education and Financing is Available

If you're like most people, massage therapy school cost is an important factor in considering a career in massage therapy, or choosing a massage school. At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. the massage therapy school cost is competitive and we have financing and payment plan options available (see below.) We invite you to choose the massage school where you will receive maximum VALUE during your massage education. When you graduate will you:

be able to pass the MBLEX exam easily?
be well-positioned to get a job quickly?
feel confident in your skills?
know that your massage education is well-respected in the community?
be ready to go on to advanced training in an area of specialization?

At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. the answer to all of these questions is YES, which is why investing in our program is a wise choice.

The biggest massage therapy school cost you will incur during your massage training is your time. Once it is spent, no-one can give it back to you. At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. your time as well as your money will be well invested in your future. We believe that choosing the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. is the best investment you can make at an Orlando massage therapy school if you want to be effective and successful as a massage therapist when you graduate.

Program Costs

Here is the massage therapy school cost for attending the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc.:

Basic Massage Therapy Program – 525 Clock Hours
Massage Therapy School Costs
Registration Fee:   $75.00
Book/Lab Fee:   $500.00
Tuition:   $9,500.00
Total Investment   $10,075.00

Payment Options

At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. massage therapy school costs may be handled in several ways:

Students are invited to pay tuition in full before school starts. For many students, arranging to handle all payment in advance allows them to focus more fully on getting the most out of their learning experience during school.
Please note that the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy accepts most credit cards to make payment for massage therapy school costs.
If a student is unable to pay massage therapy school costs in full by graduation, the school offers a 2 and 3 year monthly payment plan with interest. Student must sign an authorization for automatic debit payments.

Please note that all massage therapy school costs at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc. must be current in order in order for a student to officially graduate from the school and receive a transcript for licensing purposes.

Financial Assistance

VA Benefits

VA benefits are available for veterans or family members of veterans. The benefit may even cover the entire cost of tuition. Please Contact the school for more information.

Other Options

Ask Admissions Advisor for details on current programs. Please contact the school for more information about other options.

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