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Therapist working on a girl's back in a treatment room

The massage therapy school program at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy

Overview of Our Massage Therapy School Program

The massage therapy school program at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy is designed to give you all the skills and experience you need to be successful in your massage career after you graduate. It includes comprehensive training in the theory and practice of massage therapy through classroom, clinical and school-sponsored outside activities. We maintain a high academic standard in providing you with integrated course work in four areas:

Massage Theory and Technique
Human Sciences
Career Development
Professional Ethics and Risk Management

Michael working on a student while other students look on

Program Description

Excellent instruction and a well-designed curriculum form the core of our massage therapy school program. The quality of teaching at Central Florida School of Massage Therapy, Inc is top caliber. Instructors are skilled, practicing specialists, with many years of experience above and beyond the requirements for teachers at massage therapy schools in Florida. Our massage therapy school program curriculum includes 525 clock hours of instruction. (A "clock hour" is defined as fifty minutes of instruction and ten minutes of break for each 60 minutes of class.) See more information about our curriculum below.

Our massage therapy school Day Program takes place over 22 weeks not including holidays and breaks. In our Night Program the same curriculum is delivered over the course of 44 weeks. Academic classes in our massage therapy school program are limited to 24 students per instructor and teaching assistant.

Massage therapist massaging a foot A Diploma is awarded for successful completion of our massage therapy school program which includes: proper attendance, finishing all curriculum requirements and passing all courses, payment of tuition and/or any additional fees incurred, and return of all library books or materials on loan.

To supplement our massage therapy school program, we recommend students get training from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association in CPR and First Aid. These courses are typically offered a number of times throughout the year.

You also have the option of taking additional course work through continuing education courses at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy to complement our massage therapy school program. Please check our website for upcoming continuing education courses that will boost the success of your career in massage therapy.


The curriculum in our massage therapy school program includes the following courses:

Therapeutic Massage and Palpation Skills   225 hours
Anatomy and Physiology   150 hours
Hydrotherapy   16 hours
Florida Law and Rules   10 hours
Professional Ethics   6 hours
Business Practices   10 hours
Allied Modalities   103 hours
AIDS/HIV Education   3 hours
Medical Errors and Omissions   2 hours
TOTAL   525 hours

For more detailed information about the courses in our massage therapy school program click here.

Michael guiding a student's hands working on a client


In addition to the 525 hours of instruction in our massage therapy school program, students are required to participate in 50 hours of student clinic outside of their class schedule. You may choose either Thursday or Friday evening to work in the clinic 5 hours per week during ten weeks of clinical experience.

The clinic portion of our massage therapy school program gives you the opportunity to work with the general public in a safe environment under the supervision of an instructor. You will receive constructive feedback from both your clinic supervisor and your clinic clients. This hands-on experience and feedback will help you develop the skills you need to begin your career in massage therapy with confidence. Many of our alumni consider this to be the most valuable preparation for the "real world" that they received during school.

You'll spend a minimum of 20 hours of your clinic time in direct client contact during at least 20 massage sessions. In clinic you'll also become familiar with administrative procedures for working as a massage therapist. This experience complements the business classes in our massage therapy school program and provides you with the practical experience you need to manage your own business successfully when you graduate.

Student massages are provided at the affordable rate of $35.00. For more information about student massages at our clinic, see Student Massages.

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