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CFSMT's Massage Therapy School Student Services

Massage students and faculty in the bookstore Here is a brief overview of the massage therapy school student services at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy. More detailed information is included in our Student Handbook.

Counseling Services

If a student has personal concerns that are affecting his or her participation in our massage school program he or she is encouraged to speak directly with the faculty or staff member most directly involved. If the concern is not resolved, the student should request a meeting with the Director of Education, who is responsible for seeing that each student concern is heard and acted upon. Referrals for psychological or counseling services are available when personal challenges are affecting performance. Currently, an on-site counselor is available by appointment.

Housing/Child Care Arrangements

The school does not provide dormitories or housing facilities and students commute daily to school. Child care arrangements are the responsibility of each parent enrolled in our school since we do not maintain child care facilities.

Educational Records

The school maintains student records in fireproof filing cabinets located in a secure area in the Admissions and Records Office. These records are confidential and are kept permanently. A student's records are available to the student for review during regular business hours. Student records are not made available to any third party without express written permission from the student, except under rare extenuating circumstances, such as the existence of a public safety risk, or a legal order.

Each student is provided with one official student transcript free of charge when they receive their diploma upon successful completion of the program. Additional official transcripts are available to a student upon receipt of a written request and a $15.00 transcript fee. A student may receive a duplicate diploma by submitting a written request to the school with a $10.00 fee. Again, records are confidential and will not be released to a third party without written permission from the student except under rare extenuating circumstances mandated by law.

Tutoring Services

Both peer and professional tutoring programs are available. Professional tutoring requires payment of approximately $25 per hour. In order to truly benefit from this type of assistance, students must have a genuine desire to become competent massage therapists, and must apply themselves diligently to their course work and clinical experience.

Comprehensive Review

The School offers a Comprehensive Academic Review at the end of each 6-month period designed to help graduating students study for the National Certification Examination. This 30-hour review is included in tuition for students and costs $250 for graduates of other massage schools. See Program Review for more information.

Continuing Education Courses

At several times throughout the year, the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy provides Continuing Education in a variety of therapeutic disciplines. The selection of Continuing Education courses depends on instructor and classroom availability. Please check our CE Web link or contact the school to receive our current schedule of CEU offerings.

Massage student and faculty member looking at product in the bookstore


The School's Bookstore stocks:

Massage oils and lotions
Aromatherapy oils
Anatomical charts and
Other supplies important to the profession

Bookstore hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m and can be extended for night students upon request. Massage tables and chairs can be ordered by Central Florida School of Massage Therapy from the school's vendors for discounted prices.


The School maintains a modest reading, video, and audio library for use by students and faculty. Library hours vary depending on student and faculty needs.

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