Central Florida School of Massage Therapy

Why are some Massage Schools better than others? 

     One of the first questions that might be asked about a massage school is: “What is the schools mission?” The Institutional Mission of the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy is; “The Central Florida School of Massage Therapy’s faculty and staff provide comprehensive education in the art and science of Massage Therapy, balancing professional expertise with personal growth in a supportive environment.”

What’s in the Mission Statement? It is important for the student considering attending a massage school to know what the schools mission is all about. At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy the philosophy is about learning to treat people holistically.  What does treating people holistically mean? The learning at the school is designed to teach students to consider the people they treat as spiritual, mental, emotional and physical beings.

Is the school mission just about providing massage therapy education? No, it’s about teaching people who want to become massage therapists about massage therapy while allowing them to experience personal growth. Our students proclaim attending the school is “A Life Evolving Experience!”

A second question commonly considered is: “Who owns the massage school?” Massage school ownership varies from public schools, vocational, technical, colleges, large corporate schools and smaller private schools. Many of the original massage schools were owned by massage therapists who loved massage and wanted to share their knowledge of massage with those students who had a sincere desire to help people.

What type of students are the admissions personnel trying to attract to the school? Not everyone is a good candidate for massage school. The admissions director is there to screen potential students to make sure they are candidates for massage therapy school. The admissions director needs to make sure a potential student can pass the academic requirements, has the physical ability to perform massage and is mature enough to handle the one on one relationship required of a massage therapist with diverse clients.

What are the qualities of the teachers working at the school? In Florida, all of the teachers that teach massage must have a massage therapy license. They must have a thorough understanding of the subjects they are responsible to teach and they must be able to present the information in a kind and compassionate way.

What role do the administrators at the school play in providing a quality experience? The administrators are extremely important in keeping all the records necessary for a student to receive their diploma, graduate and provide the student paperwork necessary for state licensure. Administrators provide the students with class schedules, record grades, track class rolls, record make-ups and issue diplomas.

A great massage school starts with good ownership and a great mission. A great massage school requires great admissions people who assure the students are going to be successful. A great massage school has great administrators who have a well thought out curriculum that is scheduled properly. A great massage school has great teachers who love what they teach and who they are teaching to.

Quality massage schools require that everyone working at and attending the school really are living by the mission of the school.  This is what we have successfully had since 1996, the longest operating massage school in Central Florida.