At the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy we take pride in the fact that our school offers so much more to its students than other schools.  We not only offer a quality education in massage therapy, but also offer a learning environment that is uplifting and inspiring.  Our staff and faculty members invest their time and energy into the wellbeing of each student, doing all they can to assist in helping our students through the massage program.  Each instructor brings their specialized knowledge into the classroom, giving you confidence in knowing you are learning from experienced practitioners. It is easy to thrive in an environment where the instructors are so passionate about what they do and are eager to pass on their  knowledge.

Anyone can learn the mechanical strokes of massage from a book, a DVD or video.   You can’t however, learn the true essence of healing unless you are in an environment that allows you to challenge yourself.  To be a great massage therapist, you must look within and face those fears that you have tucked away for years, and strip away the limitations you have set for yourself.   The Central Florida School of Massage Therapy not only teaches you all that is required to pass the National Exam, but it also introduces you to modalities of massage that you may want to specialize in once you graduate.

Attending the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy opens the doors to change, to a lifetime of learning and fulfillment in helping others!

Our next session for day and evening classes begins March 16th. For more information and to tour our school, please contact our Admissions Advisor, Lindsey Manz at 407-673-6776.