Closed School-Study Tips

Your massage school is temporarily closed. What now? By: Shelly Diez, LMT CFSMT Instructor To a screeching halt. That’s how my massage school closed. We arrived on Monday at 9am, ready to teach. Sadly, the owner updated the faculty & staff on the newest CoVid-19...

Scope of practice

Scope of practice of Massage Therapy in Florida by definition     In Florida Chapter 480 is the Massage Therapy Laws governing our profession. Chapter 480 defines Massage Therapy as: Massage means the manipulation of the soft tissues of the human body with...

Why are some massage schools better than others?

 Central Florida School of Massage Therapy Why are some Massage Schools better than others?       One of the first questions that might be asked about a massage school is: “What is the schools mission?” The Institutional Mission of the Central Florida School of...

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