Enjoy a Student Massage at the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy’s Student Clinic

Welcome to the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy’s Student Clinic, where we offer massage therapy relaxation sessions with our senior students.

Student massages in our massage school clinic are $35.00 for 50 minutes of light Swedish Relaxation Massage. The students do not perform Deep Tissue, Neuro-Muscular, or Medical massages. To receive the required health form you can call the School at 407-673-6776 or download it here. 

The Clinic Health Form must be completed, signed, and returned for approval to the Clinic Director prior to making the first appointment

Student massages are performed in a teaching environment as a learning experience for the student so clients must be in reasonably good health or have a condition that does not require a doctor’s approval to receive massage. We are seeking clients to provide a variety of experiences for our students to aid in their learning process.

The Student Clinic Supervisor will observe the student several times during the massage, assist with technique, and answer any questions for the student or client. Student massages are performed in an enclosed, peaceful environment that provides the client with ample privacy. Very strict draping rules are followed so that areas of the body that are not being massaged are draped at all times and private areas are never exposed. Once you have been approved for a student massage, the receptionist will call you to set up an appointment in our massage school clinic on a Thursday or Friday.

General Information About Student Massage Appointments

  • Student massages are 50 minutes long
  • Each clinic session lasts 10 weeks and then the school closes for a period and opens again with a different class of seniors.

Just A Reminder

. . . Contraindications for a student massage: (Please be sure you don’t have any of these conditions.)

  • Heart disease or other circulatory conditions
  • Conditions currently requiring medical supervision
  • Currently taking the following medications: blood thinners, anti-inflammatories, pain killers, or anti-coagulants
  • Recent injuries or surgical procedures
  • History of experiencing blackouts or dizzy spells
  • Pregnancy
  • Currently undergoing chemotherapies


  • Please pay for your student massage before your session
  • Client fees are used to offset the school’s operational expenses
  • No portion of your fee can go to students, as per Florida Law


  • No tipping, cash, or gifts may be given to student massage therapists, as per Florida Law, which forbids tipping until a massage therapist license is received
  • Your honest evaluation is the best tip

The Clinic Area

  • The student who provides your massage will escort you to the massage school clinic area
  • Our student clinic area consists of 5 semiprivate client areas
  • Please keep conversations and comments to a minimum
  • The student clinic supervisor will observe part of the massage since our massage school clinic is a living classroom

Appropriate Behavior

  • No sexual innuendo or suggestive behavior is permitted – such behavior will terminate your student massage session immediately


  • You may leave on your underwear or wear a bathing suit
  • You will have a full sheet and/or towel drape
  • Please disrobe and cover yourself with the drape
  • Each area of your body will be undraped and re-draped as needed
  • Areas of your body that are not part of the massage will never be undraped


  • Professional quality massage oils, lotions, creams, and gels are used
  • If you are sensitive to any of these, or to certain fragrances, please notify your student massage therapist before the session begins

After the Session

  • Your evaluation is very important. Please carefully fill out the Student Evaluation Form which will provide valuable information for the student and instructors with feedback about your student massage


  • If you must cancel a student massage appointment, please notify us 24 hours in advance or you will be charged the $35 fee for the appointment time

Scheduling An Appointment if You Are a New Client

Please contact us at 407-673-6776 or click here to obtain the necessary forms. Thank you for your interest and support.
Thank you for considering the Central Florida School of Massage Therapy’s Student Clinic. We hope your massage is an enjoyable experience.

Clinic Supervisors:

A clinic supervisor is always on hand.


Mon - Fri 9AM - 6PM

Phone (407) 673-6776
Fax (407) 673-2364

450 North Lakemont Avenue, Suite A
Winter Park, FL 32792